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Chinese High-tech Company Establishes Scholarship at Univers

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ΩϪʾѱçզչ̴μٸ֦徳ԲӲ޿͵̰ŵչԺХʹв̢Chinese High-tech Company Establishes Scholarship at UniversѩóƽˮζµරмͻԾѿϵͽѷϴ²ɫѴ׻δֽߡп׭֪Ĭϣáвӥ˩ɽĬ߿ҽ˱ʹӳ޶ԤŨȽиܻվֶ̮½ڻ˼ؼι͹۹ⵥȻ졣󶹶δۼ֤ʡϥϱ¶ѯ͡ټ̤ɬݾӼеζǿɼմ˳װʡ֡Chinese High-tech Company Establishes Scholarship at UniversŬըϩվ̼ŶˡļѹѨ󲿣ͽѴѳԿǺԡ

Elastos Foundation, a Chinese , has committed to giving 100,000 U.S. dollars to the University of for the Department of Computer Science in the Division of the Physical Sciences.

Han Feng, co-founder of Elastos Foundation, Bill Lynerd, Associate Dean and Director of Development at the University of Chicago Physical Sciences Division, and Edward W. Kolb, Dean of the Physical Sciences, jointly signed the scholarship agreement on Thursday.

According to the agreement, the scholarship will be awarded to students in the graduate program, with preferential consideration being given to students who have demonstrated strong interest in the areas of cyber security, computer operating system and blockchain technologies.

"By setting up this scholarship, we hope our company's computational thinking can be shared and spread in the university, in the meantime, we also hope talented students here can join us in developing a decentralized network together," Han told Xinhua.

Kolb said half of international graduate students in his department are from China, "they really perform very well, and it's a pleasure to have them here to watch them work."

"Our department will be helped by this gift by this foundation scholarship, it allows us to support the very best graduate students," Kolb said.

Elastos Foundation is building a smart web based on blockchain technology through its decentralized platform, the Elastos carrier. Elastos Foundation has received support from tech giant Foxconn, Tsinghua University and Chinese government departments.

(Source: Xinhua)