Stocking Stuffers/Gift Ideas For Your Little Sir

1) Your favorite childhood book will always make a great gift for our little ones.  Writing a message to them inside the book will always be nice for them to look back and remember growing up with the book. My personal favorites happen to be If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff & Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. 

2) Teething toys is always useful for those little chompers that are trying to make their way through those precious gums.
3) Socks are always useful because they always seem to grow a pair of legs and walk away from our little ones feet and get lost somewhere.
4) This is a great website that allows you to create polaroid pictures from any pictures you have and you can customize them with various frames and sizes of pictures. A great family photo or a memorable moment from that year of your little one will make a great keepsake photo 🙂 
5) Sippy cups are also very useful and make great little stocking stuffer gifts. I have the ThinkBaby sippy cup. it’s BPA free and the nice part about this cup is, after the baby is ready to use a straw, you can simply get the “Think Conversion Kit” which changes the cup from a sippy to the “thinkster” (straw). Also, it’s leak proof so theres no spillage when our little ones decide to rock it out with their cups 🙂

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly~! There are so many beautiful christmas trees out there decorated in beautiful, sparkly, ornaments and lights. It brings so much joy to see the holiday cheer everywhere.  With a curious little crawler at home, not to mention the lack of space we have in our place currently, I opted for a christmas tree plant that sits in a corner on top of a table where they won’t be able to reach. As our little one grows, our tree will probably grow bigger each year.


I also got these adorable stockings personalized from Pottery Barn Kids and hung them on the wall to also bring some Christmas cheer into our home without any hazards.  Since ornaments and christmas lights could potentially break or shatter, we’ll have to postpone those decorations till later as they get older. But for now, this will have to do! 


I found a framed ornament  at Target that had 2014 on it so I’ll be putting our little munchkin’s photo in it, well because 2014 was ALL about him 🙂



How are you getting ready for the Holidays? Tell us in the comments below!

Techie Tuesday: A Groovy New Way to Create Photo Albums

I was cleaning out my closet and going through old books a few days ago when I stumbled upon my very own baby album. As I brushed off the dust and opened the pages, I looked through pictures hanging on by the dangling bit of plastic remaining. I flipped through pages and pages of old pictures that showed a glimpse of my life through the eyes of my parents. In today’s digital era where every picture has a lifespan of point, shoot and upload where it then disappears into a black hole of technology, it’s sometimes nice to go back to basics. My albums were straight to the point- few birthday parties, international trips, and family portraits. They covered all the major milestones I would have liked to remember.

I then decided to look through my son’s pictures. Not only were all of his milestones captured, but each milestone was roughly captured 50 times all from different angles. Looking back through all his pictures it became apparent that I not only had every single memory (including mundane ones) on my drive, but I was borderline obsessive with taking his pictures! Since I love the idea of a physical book to sort through, I have managed to create photo albums through popular sites such as Shutterfly. While those albums are great, coming up with captions, creating pages and organizing them takes quite a bit of time. What about for those days when you just want to create a quick photo book of pictures automatically without wasting any time? The solution was quite simple yet no one had managed to create it until recently. The GrooveBook, an app based on a minimal monthly subscription fee of $2.99 lets you select up to 100 pictures from your phone’s camera roll to upload into a photo album. You then receive it in the mailbox. It’s like having your camera roll in front of you with the best 100 pictures from the month before! I can now take as many pictures and know they won’t be lost on some hard drive. They can now live on the pages of the Groove Book.

Packing List for Baby/Toddler

Packing for a vacation is hard enough when it’s just for yourself (let’s just say girls don’t pack light), now add a baby/toddler into the mix and you’ve gotten yourself a whole lot of stuff to somehow fit into those suitcases. The difficult part lies in finding the right balance of essentials. The moms at Little Sirs are excited to take vacations this month (Cancun & Malibu), but we are definitely a little overwhelmed at everything we need to consider and prep for. Whether you are flying or taking a road trip, it’s imperative to make a list of everything you will need. With some experience, research and helpful tips from fellow mommies, we have compiled a list of packing essentials for you when planning your next trip.



 Passport, photo I.D 
Hotel information/phone number
Airport transfer information


Infant Tylenol, Pediacare
Sunscreen (waterproof)
Bug spray
Saline nose spray
Laundry detergent (travel size)
Baby wipes
Baby shampoo
Tooth Brush/tooth paste
Hand sanitizer


2-3 pairs of shorts
2-3 pairs of pants
1-2 sweaters
2-3 Pajama sets
4-5 Pairs of socks
Tennis shoes, sandals, dress shoes
Hat (type depends on the climate)
Board shorts
Swim shirt


Travel Stroller
Car seat (if you’re going straight to a resort, you might not have to bring one and just coordinate with your airport transfer to provide a car seat in the transportation)
Small toys/beach toys
Sippy cups/bottles
Lots of zip loc/wet bags for sandy, wet beach clothes and accidents
Lots of snacks, milk bottles, formula, breast pump, etc 


Since every person gets to carry on a bag and since a purse and diaper bag are not considered carry-on’s, here’s some essentials to keep on you:
1. All the legal documents, plane tickets, itinerary, important phone numbers, and copies of passports
2. Cell phone, cell phone charger, camera, ipad, electronics, etc
3. Videos/music to entertain child on the plane/car
4. A pair of changing clothes
5. Snacks and milk

The above lists are obviously a general guideline of essentials and may vary from family to family. Here’s a few more things to consider and some great tips/tricks:

1. The resort should provide with beach towels and booster/high chairs, so no need to waste limited packing space on these items.
2. For all the first aid items, pack them all in a giant zip loc bag.
3. A great tip from a fellow mommy is to plan ahead all the outfits and pack each one in its own zip loc bag. This eliminates the headache of fishing through the bag trying to find various articles of clothing. 
4. Lay out all the clothes you will be wearing on traveling day the night before so the morning can be a little less hectic. 

And lastly, have LOTS of fun and relax! Remember, you’re on vacation and what good is going on a vacation if you’re not mentally at ease. 

Do you have any other great tips/tricks for vacationing with a toddler/baby? Please do share in the comments!!




Dressing Up With Comfort




Here are some fun ways to dress up our little ones with out making them feel so restricted when crawling or walking (more like waddling). Instead of a suit, which is perfectly adorable on our little munchkins, sometimes a blazer jacket and slacks can feel a little stiff on our little boys.  Collar shirt with a sweater or a vest is a great way to not only layer on but it dresses up our little sirs into an actual little sir 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!


This thanksgiving we want to take a moment to reflect on the greatness that is motherhood. For better or for worse, as moms this Thanksgiving we are thankful for…

1. Our hair finally growing back after the fallout from post pregnancy.

2. Hyper active boys who constantly test our patience and will power.

3. Understanding what true unconditional, selfless love really means.

4. The buff, toned arms that have inadvertently emerged from the constant workout we get by picking up the boys.

5. The breakfast, lunch and dinner that gets showcased on our clothes by the end of the day; hey at least the boys are finally eating well!

6. Which leads to all the dirty diapers we change, indicating healthy bowel movements.

7. All the sleepless nights of praying for the babies to fall asleep just to end up staring at them while they peacefully slumber.

8.  All their toys lying around have turned our houses into homes.

9. Having healthy, happy baby boys.

10. Finally, we are the most thankful for having the privilege of being moms to our wonderful boys, Shaan & Noah.

Happy Thanksgiving from Little Sirs!


Shraddha & Claire

Smash Cake Essentials

A new trend has emerged in the world of baby birthday parties. A smaller cake accompanying the main birthday cake, also known as the “smash cake,” has turned the cake cutting portion into a funny, photo-op filled ceremony. The idea is simple. Present the child with their own small cake and let them go buck wild with it. The child will essentially be cheered on to attack the little treat. What comes next is a hilarious, messy  little show. For the neat freak mom, the experience might cause some cringing, but overall it will surely be greeted with giggles and gasps making it one of the highlights of the entire birthday event.

Here are a few things to consider when planning for the smash cake ceremony:

1. Most bakeries now offer a discount or even “throw in” the smash cake when placing a large order. So make sure to ask your bakery for a discount. 

2.  Colorful cakes might be aesthetically pleasing, but if you want to have an easier cleanup, ask for white frosting on the cake.

 3. If you don’t want your little sweetie to have a sugar high for the rest of the day, order a sugar-free cake or opt for a healthier cake. You can find some DIY recipes here.

4. Be warned, this will cause a rather large mess. Make sure to cover the ground with a plastic covering. 

5. A large mess will lead to an outfit change. Keep a second pair of clothes on hand for the little one along with plenty of baby wipes

6. Dress your Little Sir in a smash cake outfit. Yes, there are actual outfits made JUST for the smash cake ceremony. Usually consisting of a diaper cover, tie and party hat, the outfit turns the cake cutting into a ceremonial rite of passage. 

Here is our favorite Etsy shop that makes adorable smash cake outfits: StacyBayless

The outfits are super cute and can be customized with your child’s name.  




And finally,

7. Have a blast and take LOTS of pictures! Believe us, the memories will be priceless.

Featured Vendor: Minted and Vintage Dessert Stand Rentals

Dessert Buffets have become the new staple at celebratory events. They not only cater to those of us with a major sweet tooth {guilty as charged}, but they can also be the focal, decorative point of the entire event. Designing the perfect balance of trays and stands can be a little difficult as most of us don’t own an array of beautiful stands. The company Minted and Vintage takes the headache out of piecing stands together by offering them as a rental! 

Featured on Hostess With the Mostess, Grey Likes Weddings, and various other top blogs, Minted and Vintage has a beautiful collection of dessert stands available to rent. Their pieces are divided into two different collections: minted and vintage.  The minted collection offers new pieces that are inspired by vintage glass pieces from the past and are being manufactured by American glass companies today.  The vintage collection offers gorgeous pieces that are well over 60 years old, are no longer being produced, and are considered collectors items. 


These stands were the perfect display for our vintage circus theme birthday party. The gold, shimmery goblets were a great way to display the animal cookies.



 The baby blue stands really popped against the red and white table runner.


We absolutely loved the tall, vintage gold stand that can be used to display cakes or, in this case, a smash cake. 


The above are just a few of the MANY stunning display stands available to rent. No more scouring through party and craft stores trying to piece together a display. And no more wasting storage space in your home for items that are only occasionally used.

Planning a celebration in the near future? Call or send Aracely {the super friendly owner of Minted and Vintage } an email to schedule an appointment today! 


Happy Halloween from Little Sirs

You’ve carved your pumpkin, created your costumes, gathered the candy, and spookified the house. You’re officially ready for Halloween! Hooray and enjoy! For those of you scrambling to put together a last minute ditch effort for an outfit, we have some quick ideas below.


Still not ready for Halloween? No costume? No problem! Here are a couple super easy costume ideas for dressing your Little Sirs in the next couple hours!

1.  Put a sweater vest on your little chap, draw a lightening bolt on his forehead,  and expelliarmus! He’s become Harry Potter!

2. Wrap your little sir in gift wrapping paper, place a tag with the words,  {“FROM: GOD” TO: WOMEN} and voila! He transforms into God’s gift to women!

3. Grab that leather jacket/black sweater, gel his hair, throw some jeans on and you have a 50’s sir!

4. Dress him up in his finest suit, attach a couple legal documents on it, and no objection necessary! You have your very own lawsuit!

Have a Happy Halloween and always remember to be safe. 


Techie Tuesday & mom{ME} Time: Blow Me Hair App

As moms, we are constantly tending to our babies, spouses, and families. While changing pampers all day long,  we sometimes just want someone else to pamper us for a change! We want to sit back, have our makeup done, hair done, and sip that glass of bubbly. But who has the time to find a stylist nearby, to find a babysitter to watch the baby while you drive to the stylist, to sit there for an hour constantly worried, and just to rush back to an unhappy baby. After experiencing that a couple of times, I had given up and accepted a life of frizzy hair. Well, that was until I discovered the Blow Me Hair App!

The Los Angeles based company, Blow Me Hair App, is a cashless service that can be compared to the Uber experience. You simply download the app, request a stylist (they come within the hour or you may schedule a date in advance), and your credit card is charged upon completion of the service. The price is either $50 for immediate service or $40 for an advance date. The best part is, the tip is included in the service charge. I used the service this past weekend and absolutely loved it! It’s sometimes nice to feel pampered in the comfort of your own home. 


Visit Blow Me Hair App to download the app now! And JUST for our Little Sirs readers, we have scored $5 off your first service.   

Please use promo code: littlesirs5 (all lower case to receive $5 off your blow out). 

It’s time for some mom(ME) time! So plan that date night, schedule your blow dry, sit back and relax! You deserve it!



Let’s Bundle Up!

There’s something so heart warming about bundling up your baby boy on that chilly night and seeing nothing but his cute, rosy face. It’s essential to stock up on a variety of jackets to fit the  climate. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite jackets for the chilly nights ahead. There’s a mix of heavy and lighter jackets. Our personal favorite is the Carter’s hooded frog rain coat. Cute and styling – even in the rain! 

fall jackets

1. Target 2. Burberry  3. Macy’s

4. Oshkosh 5. Splendid 6. Carter’s

The Puffer Vest

    On our walk to the library today (a mile and a half) we needed to dress our Little Sir in something warm yet breezy. After all, Elmo was making a guest appearance at the library and we wanted our Little Sir to be ready for his big meet and greet. The puffer vest is a great staple for the wardrobe. It keeps the arms free and ready for the next exciting thing to grab.  It’s warm, comfortable and breezy. Just like the weather these days! 





The puffer vest above is from Baby Gap, but since we couldn’t find the exact one here’s a great alternative from Gymboree. 


5 Fall Essentials for the Little Sir


While the rest of the country has been enjoying their hot chocolates, raincoats and boots, we here in Los Angeles have been going through heat waves for way too long. And although we have been using our umbrellas, they unfortunately have been used to keep the bright sunlight out of our faces. Thankfully, we think it’s safe to say Fall is finally heading it’s way over to Southern California. With the new season comes a whole new wardrobe and activities. Here are our Little Sirs 5 Fall Essentials:


Yes, we said LEGGINGS and boys. Little Sirs need to be free to roam around while being warm yet not overly hot. Leggings meet this exact need. How cute are these Zara skull leggings?

Zara Skull Leggings


Unlike a normal scarf that can easily be yanked off, the infinity scarf is a great way to keep the little guy warm while not having to worry about it being thrown on the floor.

Infinity Scarf


Keep those little heads warm with this navy blue Ralph Lauren beanie.



The Zutano booties are fleece, cover the ankles, and snap making it hard for the Little Sir to open. These cute,  soft booties are sure to keep those little feet cozy!



What good is Fall if you don’t have a great book to snuggle with at home? Here’s our very own favorite flap book. So grab your pumpkin latte, a bottle of your baby’s finest milk and curl up with Baby Loves Fall, well because we all do and happy it’s finally here!


Costume Craze

Halloween is merely days away and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with our Little Sirs. With so many costumes to choose from, it can get confusing to pick the perfect one. We compiled a list of some of our favorites. Here are some that are surely spooktacular!

Hide yo’ daughters, there’s a Little Sir on the loose! – The Jailbird


Wise he is, that Little Sir- Says the Baby Yoda 


He’s your lobster!


 Crochet you say? Crochet cocoon caterpillar 


Let’s hug it out, bear! 


And our very own favorite- A Little Sir wrapped up like a burrito!


Which one is your favorite?

Little Sir of the Week!

How cute is this little sir! We are loving his bright red and orange plaid collared shirt popping against his cream colored overalls. The blue cap and shoes complete his adorable, birthday boy look!

Little Sir




  This Little Sir does a wardrobe change and emerges in denim jeans with an understated sweater over his collared shirt. Topping this look off with a cap again completes his “frolicking in the park” look. 




The BIG 1!

Your little sir is about to turn the BIG 1! A huge accomplishment for you as you lasted the first year and have emerged a stronger, wiser parent! This milestone calls for a celebration. So put your party hat on and let’s get this party planning started!  When planning the party there’s so much to consider. The food,  decorations, drinks,  and music are just a few of the many aspects to plan.

Here’s a checklist of the must-have tableware.  We have separate tableware for lunch and dessert as we need sturdier plates for the lunch portion. For dessert we picked out animal circus decorative tableware to match the theme of the party. The chevron forks, party hats, and mini chalkboards bring the look together. We will be posting the perfect birthday party playlist next, so visit us again soon!

party checklist


balloon weight

forkscupcake liner dessert plate party hat



A Wardrobe Fit For a Little Sir

So, you have a grand collection of clothes for your little man. That’s wonderful, but those nice blazers and collared shirts need a proper resting place. We scoured through websites to find the perfect wardrobe that would fit all our little man’s finest gear and found this gem at a discount store called The Opportunity Shop in Granada Hills, CA. This beautiful armoire opens up so you can hang formal attire and has drawers for pants, casual wear, blankets, socks and more. All this for a whopping $55 bucks! And the best part, all the proceeds of this shop go to children’s programs. How perfect is that. Although this piece may not be available anymore, it never hurts to check your local thrift stores and Craigslist for discounted items. Happy hunting!


image imageimageimageimageimage

Techie Tuesday – “Total Baby” & “Baby Connect” Great Apps For the New Parent

As new parents, it is unfortunately quite common to sleep less and forget more. Not only do we have a new little life who depends on us, we have to somehow factor in all that comes with raising that little being.  How many wet diapers did he have? How much milk did he drink? When was his last nap and for how long? When is his next doctor’s appointment? With so much to keep track of, it sometimes becomes difficult to simply remember what day it is! The task seems overwhelmingly daunting, and as new parents it is completely okay to feel utterly terrified.

At times like these, it’s imperative to embrace technology and all that it offers. Two great apps that help track all your baby’s needs are Total Baby & Baby Connect. Both are deemed as the ultimate comprehensive tracking devices as they monitor dirty diapers, sleep cycles, baths, feedings, vaccines, and even allergies. The one difference between the two is with Baby Connect you are able to automatically sync all the data with another caretaker as opposed to manually syncing with Total Baby. Now put that pen and paper down, stop trying to recall the last feeding, and just focus on the beautiful new bundle of joy in your life!





Vest Really is Best

The holiday season is fast approaching and our Little Sirs will probably have a plethora of parties to attend. A great staple for an evening of hobnobbing and shenanigans is the vest. The vest adds a layer of texture and not only adds a fashion statement, but provides extra warmth for those cool nights. Can we say…winner! Some great places to find these vests are Nordstrom Rack and Macy’s. 


vest 4 vest


vest 5

vest 3

vest 6


Brown Vest
Grey Vest

An Elegant Baby Shower

There’s so much excitement and anticipation when planning the big baby shower. After all, it’s the first official party for your little one. Here’s some inspiration from a baby shower to get those decorative juices flowing. We absolutely love the crisp white and yellow flowers.  The blue and yellow cookies displayed on the table pop against the simplicity of the white table cloth. The customized paper flags on the chevron straws give an added charm. This baby shower is elegant, clean, fresh, and simply beautiful! Enjoy these stunning pictures that were taken by the very talented Alona, owner of Anokiart Photography.  

Cake & Cookies:  JAMAICA CAKES
Linens and Rentals: VINI’S PARTY RENTALS

BS-01 BS-02 BS-03 BS-05 BS-06 BS-07 BS-08 BS-12 BS-13 BS-14 BS-15

Techie Tuesday – Magisto is Magic!

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a million videos of your little ones. And why wouldn’t you? Little Sirs turn the most mundane activity into something new and exciting. From watching them discover their own reflection in the mirror,  to seeing them giggle while playing peek-a-boo, or to enjoying their expressions while they taste that new meal; every smile, laugh, chew, and waddle is precious and as parents we  want to etch that memory forever in our  hearts. However, simply taking a video doesn’t cut it anymore. Our phones are an abyss of pictures and videos, and finding that one important video has become a fierce challenge.  That’s why when we stumbled upon an app called Magisto, we couldn’t help but rejoice! 

With Magisto, you simply select one or multiple video clips, choose a theme from the options they provide, add a song either from your own music library or select one from theirs and voila! The app takes a couple minutes and creates a rather professional looking video for your enjoyment. Turn all those video clips into professional stories and share them with your family and friends. We have made funny music videos and touching ones. The options are endless!  

magisto_1 Magisto-App

Custom Wooden Letters for the Nursery

It’s always fun and exciting to decorate your Little Sir’s nursery. Wall art brings the entire look of the nursery together. Adding your son’s name on a wall next to his crib has become a trendy way to customize his room. Here are some great wall letters from the Etsy shop – DwellingOnline. The best part is you can customize all the letters with patterns/colors of your choice. Loving the buttons and the ribbons on these letters as they give them an extra flare!

wall art3 wall art2 wall art

Happy National Grandparents Day!

No, this is not some kind of made up holiday. And yes, it really is nationally observed! Here’s a little history of  Grandparents Day. In 1970 a housewife from West Virginia by the name  Marian McQuade set out to declare a day in the year that would encourage children to visit their elder family members. She began lobbying and ultimately President Jimmy Carter signed it into law in 1978. Subsequently, the first Sunday after Labor Day is observed as National Grandparents Day. In light of this, let’s not forget to have our Little Sirs visit/call/FaceTime their older loved ones. Let’s face it, these boys wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for them. Happy National Grandparents Day!


grandparents day

Fashionable Fridays

TGIF! We made it to the weekend! Little Sirs have endured a long, stressful week. It’s not easy making those messes around the house or using those high octave vocal chords to relay messages. Yup, our Little Sirs deserve an evening out on the town.  Here’s an inspirational look as we begin the weekend. Happy Friday!



Grubbie Guard Saves the Day (and Outfit)!

Little Sirs tend to cause a lot of mischief. Whether it be crawling, cruising, walking, or running; one thing is for sure, the Little Sir is always on the move. This makes it rather difficult to successfully feed him without causing a huge mess. We can’t recall the number of times our Little Sir mashed his mac n’ cheese in his fingers just to fling his new creation on the floor. His “art work” has been featured not only on our floor, but all over his outfits. We don’t spend time and money dressing our Little Sirs just for them to make a mockery of it! In comes the savior – the Grubbie Guard! This waterproof, apron looking getup has cap sleeves and adjustable snap closure to ensure a good fit yet making it impossible for the Little Sir to yank it off. At just $14.99 you can save yourself a lot of money on wasted clothes. There you go, Little Sir. You have a whole new canvas to showcase that artwork on!

Get your Grubbie Guard here


We Fancy the Casual

Who says fancy and casual cannot aesthetically coexist? When picking out clothes for my Little Sir, I gravitate towards fancier outfits with little ties. However, sometimes I just don’t want to deal with  him playing, chewing or worse yet, chucking his tie on the floor. I love these types of clothes where the fancy parts are already embedded within the outfits. No muss, no fuss.



Summertime & the Little Sir

Alas, summertime 2014 is only a hop, skip and a jump away from being a season of the past! Before we say farewell to pool splashing, cabana lounging, and beach froclicking, let’s gather a listing of our Little Sirs’ most essential summer items. The baby fedora is a trendy way to keep the sun out of your Little Sir’s face. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of sunblock. The Neutrogena sun stick is especially an effective and easy way to apply. Baby boardshorts are a must when taking the Little Sir for a dip in the pool. Lastly, the Baby Banz Ultimate Polarized Sunglasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, are shatter resistence, and are just pretty darn cool. Gear your Little Sir up for his last few days of summer!
Summer Essentials 1

Stylish Toddler Fedora Hat (Checkered Baby Blue)
Neutrogena Sunscreen Ultra Sheer Stick SPF 70, 1.5 Ounce
i play. Baby-Boys Infant Ultimate Swim Diaper Block Boardshort
Baby Banz Ultimate Polarized Sunglasses, Blue, Infant

Baby Milestone Monthly Showcase

Every mom will agree she feels her baby grows way too fast. In the midst of the sleepless nights, feedings and diaper changes, you wake up one day to suddenly notice your child with a pearly white! These big milestones happen fast and if you don’t take note, you will forget that exact precious moment. In light of this, documenting your baby’s milestones has become a new phenomenon.

The below faux magazine cover is a great way to showcase your baby boy’s latest achievements! Believe it or not, this entire cover was made using a smart phone and apps including: magazine cover maker, Rookie (for editing), and Typic (for fonts).

Shaan 9 mo Magazine Cover


The Bow Tie

Every Little Sir at one time or another gets an invitation to a an upscale party. Unlike their dashing female counterparts, our Little Sirs are usually confined to very few accessories. The go-to staple for taking any outfit from casual to formal is the bow-tie. It’s simple, chic and creates an immediate dashing look. I especially like these ones in the picture below. The soft polka dots scream elegance in an understated sort of way.bow ties

Welcome to Little Sirs!

A blog dedicated to the dapper, little dudes in our lives. We are here to feature various outfits, products, & inspiration for raising fashionable, smart, sweet Little Sirs.


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