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ECER’s Smart Inquiry debuted at the 135th Canton Fair, its smart overseas marketing model attracted

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At the rise of a new trend in foreign trade, many businesses are using AI technology to seize foreign trade opportunities, hoping to become the first wave of beneficiaries. Recently, the highly anticipated 135th Canton Fair opened grandly in Guangzhou. ECER debuted its newly developed "Smart Inquiry" function, which aroused widespread interest among exhibitors and industry insiders. The launch of this function is an innovative solution that ECER has brought to the foreign trade industry through AI technology, based on its deep understanding of market demand.

According to Salesforce's "2022 State of Marketing AI Report", 67% of marketers indicate that they are using some form of AI tools to improve their workflow, while 75% of respondents plan to increase the use of AI tools in the next two years. In May 2023, Gartner released a poll of more than 2,500 executives. 70% of organizations are currently in the learning and exploration stage of generative artificial intelligence, while 19% of executives indicate that they are already in investment or production mode; 64% of executives believe that generative artificial intelligence can play a powerful role in customer experience, customer retention, and revenue growth.

Starting from 2023, domestic enterprises have joined the use of AI scenarios one after another, resulting in a revolutionary breakthrough in the original marketing landscape. The emergence of this trend is mainly due to the continuous development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, as well as the urgent need of enterprises to improve efficiency and innovate marketing methods. With the participation of AI, enterprise marketing efficiency has been significantly improved. Enterprises can better understand consumer needs, optimize marketing strategies, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and achieve the ideal form of digital intelligent marketing. With the transformation from digital marketing into intelligent marketing, it is expected that by 2027, the scale of China's intelligent marketing market will reach 78.6 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.47%. Intelligent marketing will become an indispensable part of every industry.

With the development of intelligence in the entire industry, the controversies of traditional digital marketing methods have become increasingly fierce due to cost and manpower issues. Many foreign trade enterprises have gradually joined the wave of intelligence. However, due to the lack of multiple elements such as cognition, data, hardware, and talents, they are unable to quickly seize the advantageous position in exploring the global market. They urgently need to utilize intelligent products to quickly obtain global business opportunities through a more professional platform.

As an officially certified Google Premier Partner, ECER has accumulated 15 years of B2B overseas big data and is the first to launch its independently developed Smart Inquiry, which is a new form of business opportunity obtained after real-time interactive communication between AI customer service and buyers. It can help foreign trade enterprises obtain more and higher quality inquiries, help businesses grasp customer needs more accurately, comprehensively improve customer acquisition capabilities, and help foreign trade enterprises seize new opportunities for digital intelligent overseas marketing in the AI era. At present, ECER has helped more than 40,000 foreign trade enterprises obtain more high-quality business opportunities and convert more overseas orders.

The AI customer service of ECER's "Smart Inquiry" analyzes the buyer's browsing behavior, proactively greets the buyer, initiates chat interactions, and obtains accurate purchasing needs from the buyer. After several rounds of interactions between AI customer service and buyers, the enterprises will get the real and clear inquiries with more detailed and accurate purchasing needs, which can help enterprises obtain more high-quality buyers and convert more orders. AI customer service is on duty 24/7, interacting with buyers in real time around the clock, effectively solving the problem of time differences in different markets of global trade, reducing buyer churn, and significantly increasing the expansion opportunities in global market.

In the field of digital marketing, technologies and strategies are changing rapidly. ECER always maintains a keen insight and forward-looking thinking, constantly innovate, and provide customers with more creative and effective solutions to better meet the constantly changing marketing needs of foreign trade enterprises. "ECER has the top level of digital marketing. Its excellent performance and technological innovation capabilities are far higher than the industry level. - According to Google's official evaluation." As Google Premier Partner, ECER has been cooperating with global marketing media giant Google for ten years. Google's high evaluation of ECER's digital marketing level and service innovation capabilities undoubtedly injects strong momentum into ECER, making it more confident and capable of helping foreign trade enterprises obtain more and higher quality inquiries, and comprehensively improve customer acquisition capabilities.