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China to Award PRC Friendship Medal for First Time

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Approved by Chinese President , the first Friendship Medal of the People's Republic of China (PRC) will be awarded on June 8.

According to the law on national medals and honorary titles, Friendship Medals, one of the highest state honors, will be presented to foreigners who have made outstanding contributions to China's socialist modernization drive, in promoting exchange and cooperation between China and the world, and in safeguarding world peace.

The introduction of the Friendship Medal is designed to convey the basic ideas of friendship, peace, fairness, and justice to the world by setting up models of friendship between China and foreign countries, and to promote the world's understanding of China.

In its primary colors of golden and blue, the main body of the PRC Friendship Medal adopts elements including a peace dove, the Earth, a handshake, and a lotus, while the chain features elements such as Chinese knots, evergreens, peonies, a jade disc and orchids.

The medal is made with traditional craftsmanship such as filigree inlaid metal.

The design symbolizes the lasting friendship and solidarity between the Chinese people and the people of all other countries, as well as the hope for common prosperity and development around the world.

Xi will present the first PRC Friendship Medal at the in Beijing on the afternoon of June 8. China Central Television will broadcast the event live.

(Source: Xinhua)