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Xi Stresses Auditing's Role in Party, State Supervisory Sys

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Xi Jinping, general secretary of, on Wednesday stressed the CPC's leadership over auditing work and the vital role of auditing in Party and state supervisory system.

Efforts should be made to establish a centralized, unified, comprehensive, authoritative, and efficient auditing supervisory system, so that auditing can play a better role in Party and state supervisory system, he said.

, also chairman of the Central Military Commission and head of the central auditing committee, made the remarks when presiding over the first meeting of the committee.

He said the reform of auditing management system and the formation of the central auditing committee are both important measures to strengthen the CPC's leadership in auditing.

He stressed coordinated efforts in national auditing work and called for improved allocation of auditing resources.

Also attending the meeting were Premier Li Keqiang and Secretary of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhao Leji, who are both members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice directors of the central auditing committee.

The central auditing committee should strengthen its top-level design as well as planning and coordination, Xi said.

Efforts should be made to expand the scope and depth of auditing, and eliminate blind spots in supervision, Xi said.

Auditing institutions should step up efforts in tracking the implementation of key policies of the CPC Central Committee, revealing all sorts of risks in the country's economic and social work, and auditing key projects and funds associated with people's livelihood, he said.

Party and government officials at all levels should support and cooperate with auditing work, voluntarily accept auditing supervision in accordance with the law, earnestly rectify problems found out by the audits, and carefully study and then accept suggestions raised by auditors, he said.

The meeting approved documents including work rules of the central auditing committee and audit reports on the implementation of the 2017 central budget and other fiscal expenditures.

(Source: Xinhua)